Saturday 21 December 2013

Squirrels v Foxes (QPR v LEI 21.12.13)

Well today was one of the few times recently that I've been disappointed at Loftus Road .  We started pretty brightly and had some good chances on goal.  THEN a flipping (insert your own word) squirrel arrived on the pitch.  

Yes a squirrel.  A grey one, not endangered or anything, and the referee stopped the match.  Don't get me wrong, I'm an animal lover and all that, and wouldn't want to see roadkill on our beautiful pitch, but really????  What followed was pure comedy gold, well was funny at the time.   Joey Barton tried to get the squirrel off, then a Leicester player tried - all this whilst officials just stood around, it was all a bit surreal. Clint Hill gave it a good effort, then eventually a group of players got together in a pincer movement to walk towards the squirrel, who finally got the hint and buggered off.

I guess that was the best piece of teamwork we'd see all game after that.

What followed was a niggly affair.  The players were getting agitated and we really weren't playing as the team that we can be.  I hate to mention referees, I didn't have the benefit of Sky Sports, but I'll go as far to say that it was not a flowing game.   With our own players having a go at each other, it was like watching a QPR team of old *shudders*.

With a clearer head on let's say we lost to a better, organised team.   Playing 1 up front doesn't work for us, but you know what, we are still up there and I couldn't do a better job.

Onwards and upwards people, we've been in worse positions at Christmas.  Let's eat, drink and be merrily on a high up top of the table.

See you all soon my lovely Rangers......

Annie x

p.s. no I didn't mention individual players, we all know what happened and not in the mood to vent that much.  Sorry to disappoint, I'm looking to Boxing Day now..........

p.p.s. I'm not actually blaming the squirrel, I'm just saying it as I see it...........