Friday 6 December 2013

A letter to my big brother Gary.......

Dear Gary/Gaz/Shifty

It was a pleasure growing up as your little sister, am just so sorry that I was such a pain in the ass!   I realise now, having had a Summer boy followed by a Winter Girl, that life is just so unfair sometimes, but that you know what you are just super awesomeness..............

I have just had to stop Jasper from creeping into Scarlett's room to scare her - at 9.30pm!  Do you remember reading me ghost stories before bed, unbeknownst to mum and dad, and then setting up something by my bed to fall on me half hour later, yeah nice one!   That was the cue for them to swap bedrooms around and for their's to be in the middle hee hee :)

I guess that's payback for us being little swots when it comes to reading, writing, rithmatic *coughs*.  Didn't really mean to show you up but you see we were always listening in the background when you were learning, and I guess it was indoctrinated.

And then the starting school thing altogether.  You and my Jasper were the little pioneers, might as well have said you were going to the moon as to school, as it meant nothing....but you boldy went for it, with a few tears, and eventually worked out it had to be.   Myself and Scarlett just strode in behind our big bruvs with familiarity and a need to do everything right for our female teachers (thats for another day).

I guess I'm saying it's quite bitter and sweet, and would love to hear your take on it.   You became a fabulous engineer - and I followed in your footsteps, from a child who struggled to read and write you became a Director of a major company, I always believed in you even if the school didn't.   And now you own a pub, I may love you a little bit more hee hee.

l.ove you Gary, we need to talk about this stuff (course you don't you're a bloke and am over this shit)!

Anne/Annie/Shifty's sister


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  2. Your Brother owns a pub? How come I never knew this and where is it?

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