Saturday 7 September 2013

Year 5 Swimming (aged 9 and 10) Gogglegate!!!!!

Some of you may have heard the @OC reading out my tweets on @absoluteradio, about the letter I received home regarding my son's school swimming sessions.

Here is the letter that left me open mouthed.   Goggles, hazardous? Really? I would bang on about the need for a coat too, but in the shadow of gogglegate I shall let that pass.

Call me a terrible mother, but I have indeed written a letter accepting full responsibility for any accident that may occur. I shall worry terribly for that half an hour I have allowed his exposure to potentially hazardous goggles, but I think this will be absolutely fine character building!

Shoot me now!
Annie x


  1. I had to write that letter in Year 3 - I'm still working out what the hazard is...

    1. Call me picky, but I'm guessing it's now Everyone Active and no longer Westminster Lodge #loophole ;)