Tuesday 7 May 2013

Walkers NEW Hoops and Crosses :)

As a QPR fan my ears prick up at the mere mention of the word "Hoops" (my teams strip are blue and white hoops).  I was very pleased therefore to accept an invitation to review Walkers new product "Hoops and Crosses".
I was sent this cheeky monkey - which Scarlett has adopted, and the kids and I set about sharing the packet.  Maybe I should have tried them on my own, cos we ended up with this little lot after shopping last night!
To be honest though, at 85 calories a bag, and being made from Wholegrains, with no artificial colours of preservatives, I'm not worried about treating the kids with this kind of snack.  They are also suitable for vegetarians.

I may have to snaffle some out of sight for my own late night indulgence :)

Annie x

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