Monday, 6 May 2013

Thorpe Park with a 5yo and a 9yo..........

This is an unsponsored post, which I felt compelled to write.
The girls riding Rocky Express for the fifth time!
This year we took the plunge and got our Merlin Passes.  We got a really good deal back in January, at £75 per person, and we've already done Chessington (twice), Legoland (twice), London Eye, Madame Tussaurds (twice) and Warwick Castle.

Yesterday we were due to meet with 2 other mums @mediocre_mum and @ChelseaMamma and their families at Thorpe Park.  From my memory it was mainly a water park - which was fine as it was due to be a hot day, but having googled suitability for a 5yo, everything I found online was suggesting that it really was for older children.

Well, I can happily report that this was not the case for us at all.   There were far more than just water rides, and we thoroughly enjoyed Depth Charge, Rumba Rapids and Logger's Leap, and as the rides are restricted depending on height, with our 5 year olds being between 1.1m and 1.2m, there were loads of rides that they could go on.

The map provided gave a clear indication as to what was available, so we didn't promise a ride only for them to be disappointed when we found they weren't tall enough.
They were even allowed to go on some of the rides without us!  The Rocky Express they went on 5 times - as pictured, and the Flying Fish they went on 3 times.  Proper little ladies.  My husband was able to take my 9yo off to do some of the bigger rides so between all of us we all got on the rides we wanted and managed to stay from 10am to 5.30pm without anyone moaning about queuing or being bored.

I loved Nemesis Inferno but refused Mr Monkey's Banana Ride - go figure!

If I was to add a criticism it would be that the queues for the food and drink took way too long,   It took the same time to get a hot dog, even though the queue was quite short, as the time for the older ones to queue and ride on Stealth - which looks awesome by the way!

We shall definitely be going back, map in hand :)

Annie x


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