Tuesday 15 November 2011

Nostalgic Food

I came across this competition at My Dish where you can win £100 of Marks and Spencers vouchers, which would be very handy since I've been tasked with cooking the Christmas Dinner this year!!!!
I've thought long and hard, and at first couldn't get past boiled eggs, mushed up with butter and served in a cup, with soldiers.  Doesn't sound all that but mum used to make it when we weren't well and it was very comforting.
Thinking further I decided it was a full Roast Lamb dinner.  My dad was a creature of habit and would insist on it *every* Sunday.  My brother and I would take turns to either lay the table and make bread and butter (don't ask, possibly an Irish thing, but had to have at every mealtime) and the other would do the washing up.  Dad worked long, silly hours, so it was about the only time the family ate together.
When I eventually left home I couldn't bring myself to cook a roast lamb dinner, in fact lamb in general was very much off the agenda for many years.
However, after dad passed away in 2004, its become something rather special, and though I don't cook it very often, it is always done with dad in mind and I imagine he's smiling from above!
I must admit I have in fact dropped the bread and butter aspect tho, as that's just, plain silly!
Would love to know what your nostalgic foods would be by the way?
Annie x