Wednesday 31 July 2013

Do you let your kids listen to the news?

If you've never heard of Gangnam style then, well whatever, of course you have........  It's the hit song that the kids quickly adopted, loving the funny dancing style, even my 5yo know's it.   I guess it caught on in the playground.

I did however come across some problems recently with my 9yo, as it went around their classroom that the thrusting in the video was the "Rape" dance!   A few mothers complained and the only male teacher in the school duly explained to the pupils that it wasn't, I think?   We weren't made aware of exactly what was said, however Jasper informed me he knew all about the R word?

I tackled the teacher in question, and it took me several attempts to get him to tell me what the R word actually was! I figured that it must have been dealt with, but the next day Jasper explained to his 5yo sister "you can go to jail for doing the Rape dance".

Rightly or wrongly I took Jasper aside and told him that Rape was not a dance but in fact a voilent act forced upon someone against their will, and if caught they would certainly be sent to jail!   I figured that correct information was better to be processed???????

But here's the thing.........................

This morning there was a story on the news about a 12yo girl being raped by 2 men at the weekend?  I should have learned from previous episodes where the children also picked up very quickly on the April Jones disappearance, which distressed both of them and has stayed with them since!  They can get very edgy and nervy when they are out!

Do you let your children listen to the news or would you vet it first, if you could?  Would be very interested in your thoughts!  I think that it is happening and it is out there, and that's life kind of thing, but maybe I should follow the Watershed rules (having now googled), it means content is restricted before 9pm and after 5.30am!   See the Ofcom Site.  I will keeping a close eye on this, maybe I'll have to forgo listening to the news when they are around!

Would love to hear your thoughts?
Annie x

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