Sunday 28 April 2013

Kids Taking Over the Kitchen :)

My 8yo Jasper is a keen little cook.  He loves nothing better than trying out new recipes, and since the measuring and stuff is great for his maths (don't tell him) I openly encourage it.

This weekend we pushed the boat out though, and Jasper made the Sunday "family tea", a full on Roast Chicken, roast potatoes and steamed vegetables.  He did everything - bar putting the spuds in the hot oil - he did all the peeling, chopping, boiling & steaming.  He also made a fab gravy!

Scarlett slow cooked a yummy chocolate cake - our first dessert in the slow cooker, they were both very proud of themselves, as we were of them.

Next week 5yo Scarlett is cooking the roast and Jasper will be making the dessert.  I think this is great, that they are actively seeking to develop what is surely a life skill.

From a very proud mummy :)