Monday 11 March 2013

Olbas for Children

As a little girl I vividly remember Olbas fondly, my father was a big fan, and we were often given the little drops on a tissue to breath in.  That however was in the early '70's and it's great to see how the product has developed.

My son currently has the sniffles, and having gone for an audition for the tissues, is now a huge fan.  You know how hard it is to get kids to blow their nose!  I have been sent some stuff for the bath too, so he will be using that this evening.

My children are now 8 and 5, but I remember how anxious I was if mine had colds and flu as babies, so I was interested to read the background on the Olbas children's products. 

Breathe Easy, Sleep Easy
Children with a cold need a good night’s sleep

When a child has a nasty cold or the flu, not only do they feel under the weather, but a blocked nose also prevents them from having a good night’s sleep.   As a result, no-one else gets much sleep either!  

According to The Sleep Council, young children and babies need 10-11 hours sleep a night, older children no less than 9.  Just one hour less of sleep a night can cause considerable memory and concentration problems, as well as slowing down the recovery process from a cold or flu.  55% of teachers questioned in a recent Sleep Council survey agreed that the brightest children in the classroom are the best slept and most wide awake.  Sleep also plays a crucial role for children, and for all the family, in keeping common colds and flu at bay.

Selecting the right products for your child can be confusing. That’s why Olbas provides a chart to help select the right product for the correct age – there is a product suited to every member of the family:

About Olbas for Children
Formulated especially for infants over
3 months, Olbas for Children is a gentle
decongestant that relieves congestion
and catarrh to make breathing easier.
Priced at £3.79 / 15ml

More about the Olbas range
Made with a combination of essential pure plant oils, such as eucalyptus, mint, clove, juniperberry and cajuput, Olbas products are formulated to help noses large and small breathe easy and aid in a good nights sleep. It’s the combination of these natural ingredients which releases those distinctively soothing and relieving natural vapours. 

Kathleen McGrath, Paediatric Nurse and sleep expert, says, “Children have small air passages so even a minor blockage can affect their breathing pattern and disrupt sleep, which is essential for a quicker recovery from colds and flu.

“Young children do not know how, and hate being encouraged, to blow their nose.  An easy solution is to use an infant decongestant to help clear their nose, allowing children to fall asleep to a quicker recovery.”

McGrath offers some practical actions that parents can do to help a child suffering with congestion before bedtime:
·         Make sure your child drinks plenty of cold fluids
·         Don’t let your child get overheated – put them in cotton night clothes
·         Make sure their bedroom is well ventilated
·         Put a few drops of natural infant decongestant on the child’s pillow or baby’s bed sheet
·         Raising the head higher than the rest of the body can make it easier to breathe while sleeping. Place a towel underneath the head end of the mattress
·         From 2 years of age, teach little ones to blow their nose.  A good way to do this is to explain that “it’s like sniffing but backwards”

To watch McGrath's YouTube video you can watch it here :)

Who is Lanes Health?
In 1930 Gilbert Lane was the head of a thriving family business that developed a wide range of effective remedies to treat many common ailments.  These treatments were based on his understanding of the medicinal properties of plants.  Today, Lanes Health continue their founder’s tradition of developing treatments to help improve our health and quality of life.

Let's just all pray this cold weather is gone soon, the Spring is finally sprung and all the colds and sniffles are a distant memory!

Good luck!
Annie x


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