Wednesday 20 March 2013

Keralan Coconut Curry from The Spice Tailor

I was lucky enough to be invited to join the #BoothsCheers party tonight, and the lovely people from Booths supplied me with some sauce and spice combos from @thespicetailor created by Anjum Anand.

I had two to choose from, Original Tikka Masala or Keralan Coconut Curry.   I chose the latter for tonight.

I don't normally use anything like this, preferring to cook from scratch, but I was very impressed that, rather than just a jar of sauce, they come with spices and herbs separate.  This makes the curry a lot more authentic as you get to fry the spices first, to release the flavours, before adding the rich sauce, with powerful aromas.   They are also produced and packaged in India, guaranteeing authenticity.

I am also impressed that they are for 2-3 people.  Although the ideal is to eat for a family, with the hours we work we have to eat after the children have gone to bed, so this is perfect, rather than jars of half used sauces in the fridge.

They are also very quick and easy to use, and can be served in 10 minutes, but I have actually chosen to slow cook mine.  With my job I feed children breakfast, lunch and dinner, with 2 snacks over the day too.   It is easier for me to prep our dinner in the afternoon, whilst the little ones sleep, then after ours are in bed I can just prepare the rice and serve.

They suggest that you can use with fish, meat or vegetables, more versatility!  I wanted to use Monkfish, but my local supermarket didn't have any so I ended up with Pollock!  I decided that its a nice firm white fish and I'd let the Spice Tailor works it's magic.  I also got some giant raw prawns to add towards the end, just as an extra touch. 

When it comes to curry I naturally want to add fresh coriander to it at the end, and always have some fat free yoghurt to hand in case it's too hot for the palate.
As I type this I am sitting in my kitchen, the smells are amazing, I cannot wait to try it tonight.   I've also been given some lovely Spice Trail white wine, which is chilling in the fridge, and a bottle of HPA Pale Ale for Chris.  Chris has been working at an exhibition and been away since Sunday, so this will be a lovely homecoming meal for him.

As you can see from the lead photo, it turned out beautifully and was blown away by how gorgeous it tasted.  Can't wait to try the Masala sauce, will update on that too :)

Thanks for reading!
Annie x


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