Friday 18 January 2013

Condesa London, authentic Mexican Tapas

With the lovely Daniel
Last night a group of us were invited to sample the authentic Mexican Tapas at Condesa, a gorgeous little Tapas bar in Covent Garden.  As well as the fantastic food, their wines were fabulous too, and you can tell that they are very proud of both - and with good reason!

Daniel Caballero opened the bar 3 months ago, and his, and his staff's passion is evident.   We had a fantastic night, and I will be going back with my family very soon!  Caballero translates as "gentleman" in English by the way, very fitting for Daniel who is indeed just that.

Below is an example of some of the food on offer.  A real little gem in the heart of London town :)
A choice of meats and olives
Salmon to die for....
Quesedillas with mushrooms and truffles

Pulled pork mini burgers, just delicious

Chicken mole with chocolate - yummy

A slection of cheeses

pigs cheeks, so tender
nice twitter plug!

Condesa can be found at 15 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NG. a short walk from Covent Garden train station.  You can contact them on 0203 601 5752, email, follow @condesalondon, or check out their website

Go find out for yourself, so lovely to try some original, authentic, not messed around with Mexican food, offered by a Mexican who talks about his country and it's fayre with pride and passion.

Annie x


  1. There was chocolate in that?? I had no idea! I was just soaking up all the deliciousness with no consideration for the gorgeous combination of ingredients!

  2. there was indeed, very Mexican, wasn't it amazing, I thing the quesadilla and the pulled pork and the salmon and the cheese and the meats were my favourite - oh dear :)

  3. Yes you ate pig cheeks and loved it, hey like chicken thighs a well worked muscle which makes real good meat xxx

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