Thursday 10 February 2011

An Ode to my Jasper

Published at last, only NCT Magazine but its a start...........

I was looking for something today in my filing cabinet and fell upon the NCT magazine that had published my poem celebrating the birth of our first-born son Jasper.  It still makes me laugh that through all the enormity of the occasion I still had to bring it back to football, and my beloved QPR!  It was 1st of May 2004 :)

An Ode To Jasper, Mums and Chums!

As an expectant Mum, I made many chums
We'd waddle to coffee and chat
It wasn't a sin, with a wage coming in
To shop and to buy this and that

As the big day drew near, we'd drink Raspberry Leaf Tea
And waited for each other to pop
We'd have curry and wait, for the inevitable back ache
But sod it "we'll shop till we drop"!

As each babe arrived, and tales filtered through
About which drugs were good and which not
Which hospitals clean, and which were obscene
The penny began to drop.....

My goodness has nine months really gone by
This babes coming out any day soon
I'd better get ready, arrange all the teddies
And make space for the inevitable balloon!

The due date came and went by just as fast
I was irritable, would just sit and moan
I didn't want inducement and particularly on the date
Rangers were playing their last game at home!

But the inevitable happened I went in Friday night
I waited and prayed for some pain
Just one little contraction to kick off the action
But nothing I felt just the same

So Saturday 1st May, they helped me along
and we waited and waited until
my Jasper was born 9 hours later
and QPR beat Swindon 1-0!

Rhona and Fiona were next a few days later
So that was all the ten done
There's Cameron, Maddie, Enya and Joe
Laura, Finlay and Lucas
Jasper, Finn and Ella made ten
My goodness where has the time gone?

14 months later life's turned upside down
But I'm enjoying being a mother
I went through the pain, but I'd do it again
To give Jasper a sister or brother!

"By Annie Robb, stay at home mum, who obviously spends her valuable time writing poetry and flower arranging.  Now you must excuse me I have a little needlepoint to finish"

And I did go on to have Scarlett, but I lied in this poem, it took me longer than 14 months to decide do it all again!   This was before twitter obviously, don't know whether to feel proud or embarrassed lol :)

A little light hearted fun I hope?


  1. Thats a very cute picture of the little fella!

  2. Thank you, seems like 100 years ago of course x