Friday 7 January 2011

Twitter Annie-versary :)

I was recently described as a foot-balling mad, childminding mum, and I like this very much. It was a #ff (follow Friday) on twitter from the lovely @harpendenpeople. I would maybe change this to read “Outstanding” childminding mum, but that would be showing off!

As my birthday looms, so does my 2 year anniversary of being on twitter. I remember with cringe-worthy accurateness the moment I first logged on. As with many twitterers it was after @schofe (Pip Schofield) muted those immortal words “yes it is me” and went on to describe twitter, whilst Fern merely stood, arms crossed rolling eyes. Oh thought I, along with ten million other middle-aged housewives, I get to talk to slebs and everything, that’s for me.

So on I log and stare at the screen thinking what the buggery-b******s is this all about. Then I tweet something and watch the screen like a hawk – unaware at this point that without followers I might as well be talking to the wall. Bless @schofe for his patience though, cos he must have been bombarded, he then posted a simple outline as to what to do and how to get started. He even followed me, and still is, and eventually the following began.

Like most twitterers I went in search of slebs, to gain an insight into their life, and squealed, blushed and cried at any responses. Of course now, like most people, I can’t be bothered with those that don’t tweet and just spew their own self-promoting bile *unfollow*! Unless they are the twitterati like @wossy and @stephenfry – though Wossy does follow me too – showing off again doh!

One of the highlights for me however has to be the tweet ups. It is well known that facebook is for friends and twitter is for people you would *like* to be your friends, but this is fast becoming a reality. And for every one of them I’ve been on, I can confirm that everyone I’ve met has been exactly as I knew they would be - as lovely as they are on twitter, which is why I wanted to meet them in the first place. In simple terms, if you can understand someone, their humour, their woes, their emotions etc., in a series of 140 characters, then you pretty much get to know someone very well.

In 2010 I Rocked the Rectory with @annjj and had a long weekend in Spain with @DerekinTorre and @MarkNolanX where I also ended up presenting a competition on their Radio Show @exiteradio.

Local twiss-ups have been an absolute blast too, with people from all walks of life coming together with often, it seems initially, only twitter in common. However, now firm friends, we've had plenty of fun, erm alcohol – cold dependent, often karaoke, and sometimes gymnastics – that’d be me of course, but only demonstrated the splits so far - am saving the flick-flacks for an outdoor event 

And then there’s my other passion in life, apart from my children I guess(?), my QPR. Having been a season ticket holder for 13 years, but a fan for a whole lot longer, I have endured much of every kind of emotion, but this year, one of hope even more so than in 2003 (play-offs) or 2004 (promoted as 2nd). I still cannot see that we will in fact be promoted to the Premiership, but we are making a good account of ourselves so far. Having travelled home and away for many years, Oldham and Luton away make me shudder, you have to understand I have mainly done this on my own. For years I sat next to a man and his young son, and people thought we were family, but no, just me on my lonesome.

Not anymore however! Twitter has brought me together with lots of likeminded QPR fans, many of whom I’ve now met, and some I cannot wait to meet. Instead of just containing my hopes and dreams for my beloved club, I am able to talk/tweet with other fans, about our hopes and dreams, transfers, results, and snigger at the anagram of our manager Neil Warnock (Colin hee hee – work it out).

Anyway, I just want to say I love you all, you’ve transformed my otherwise fun, but children-filled life, and given me a whole lot of laughs.

Some close, loyal friendships have developed on twitter, and I really cannot imagine my life without it.

Thank you all!

Annie x


  1. Good on you Annie and because you can only be first once, It is a pleasure to be the first to comment (probably outdone by the time I'm finished) A great warm reflection on why you like twitter and to be honest you yourself are probably one of the main reasons why others like it as well. Don't get distracted now by this blogging nonsense, not that you'd ever be ditracted of course.

  2. Great post :o)


  3. Great first post and welcome to the world of blogging. Do ask if you have any questions.



  4. Thank you all, I enjoyed it, how addictive and yes Chrissie will be asking. And Rob, what a lovely thing to say, I am speechless - which is no mean feat as I'm sure you've gathered!