Sunday 6 November 2016

Gravity Force St Albans, something for everyone...............

·         Gravity Force is the leading provider of trampoline parks in the UK

We were lucky enough to experience the St Albans launch back in August.  I'd never taken the kids to anything like this before, so needless to say they had an amazing time.  Whilst Scarlett basically bounded around the various trampolines, and launched herself into foam bricks, Jasper enjoyed the hoops and bouncing around with a ball in general.  I didn't partake myself, but was very tempted, am especially intrigued by the fitness classes!

Whilst the kids were jumping, I stayed comfortably upstairs with a cuppa.  Very bright and spacious with a well stocked cafe.   Am going back today with a good book, what's not to love!

If you would like to have a go yourself, they currently have a deal on Groupon at £7.50 instead of £10 for an hour session............... 

There is something for everyone at Gravity Force. “Gravity Jump” is the core session and gives you access to all the park’s facilities. “Gravity Tots” kids’ class is suitable for toddlers from walking age up to five-years-old, along with any parents or guardians. “Gravity Fit” provides a high intensity, low impact structured fitness class that burns fat whilst building, toning and defining muscle. Children can also host their birthday parties at the trampoline park.

Gravity Force is the ultimate UK trampoline park. Whether you’re a freestyle pro looking to showcase an insane routine on the Tumble Tracks or an average Joe looking to get stuck into a game of trampoline dodgeball there really is something for everyone.

To book and find out more about the sessions available either visit or call 0845 498 9049.


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