Sunday 2 November 2014

At the wrath of a mums group on Facebook

So apparently I have been trolled?  Luckily I am too old to be that bothered, but it sure provoked a reaction amongst the baying crowds of local mummies!

I dared to ask out there whether other people would consider leaving their near 7yo daughter at home for 20 mins max whilst you nipped out for something?  It was meant slightly tongue in cheek, whilst still being interested in peoples opinion (I never left her by the way)!

The reaction varied from "stupid women", "unfit mother", "case for social services" to "did you not hear what happened to Maddie McCann"?

I bit my lip several times, and sat on my hands even more, as I saw the comments fly in.   Was more irked by the "does she not know better" but then they started to bring into the forum what I did for a living!  No matter my profession I am also a mother, and that is how I approached the forum.

To be fair a lot of mums sprang to my defence and it definitely sparked a debate,

Although I didn't leave her on this occasion, in fact dragged her out in her onesie!!!!! I do think the answer is down to the child in question and the set up at home.

1) Both my children know how to access the phone and call me, Chris, my mum or Chris's parents, or the police.
2) They know not to answer the door (have previously left Jasper who is 10)!
3) My house is so damned risk assessed you wouldn't believe, and safeguarded beyond reason, even my husband has trouble getting into the knife drawer!
4) Would always check a neighbour is in and child is aware in case they were worried.
5) I do a fire drill every three months with all the children.
6) Lastly, and most importantly, I know my child!

I believe children should be brought up to be independent and that their confidence grows with being given said independence.

Someone mentioned "but what if you were in a car accident and she was left at home" erm, would that not mean she was in a safer place!

Just thought I'd put it out there, but in the meantime will run and hide in a wifi-less zone until Next Christmas ;)

Annie x