Friday 30 December 2011

Battle of the Toys Guns v Swords!

I'd like to think you can never be over diligent when it comes to child safety, though I am aware that due to my line of work I am exposed to extreme cases.  When it comes to - dare I say it - "boys toys", I have never been a fan of either toy guns or swords.  Yes I grew up with them, and a brother running after me shouting bang bang you're dead *charming*, so yes I may be being over-sensitive.  However, in this current climate of knife culture, I thought I'd share with you an interesting conversation I had with a policeman on the matter!  His words were extremely enlightening when he informed me that if a child had to have a "pretend weapon" then he recommended it be a gun over a sword anytime, his reasons being!
1) A gun is not a contact sport, whilst a sword lends itself to being 1!
2) A gun can rarely - we hope - be found, whilst a knife from the kitchen can make a really good pretend sword!
This information left its mark on me, and far from trying to be a killjoy just thought I'd pass it on!
All comments would be welcomed!
Annie x